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Wow. I didn't know this thing was still up. And I've moved a lot, and I'm at work, and Dougie took one in the face, and Dougie's high on painkillers.

Dougie probably shouldn't have used his face to stop the puck.


OK so now how is the new year?

I'm getting into songwriting mode again. That spells big trouble in little chinatown PDX. My neighbors will hate me, if they don't already. I'm fine with that.
Makin a new list of things to accomplish this year, I did stupidly well on my list last year.
More to come.....


1st post in over a year.

I think I'll do it more often. Soon I'll post my New Year's Resolutions. Read 'em and weep.


My new Tie

I'm proud of it.


Inaudible Media and Govt. Orgs.

So this past week was an interesting one. The Department of Homeland Security and FEMA, were running a mock disaster drill here in Portland at the place that I work. While preparing for it a bomb sniffing dog smelled something amiss and mass hysteria broke out........among the DHS and FEMA. In addressing this issue one can surmise at the utter convenience in timing, along with the fact that Bush's daddy called this place Little Beiruit. I thought that this was definately the work of the fear mongering/war propaganda machine hard at work.
So what happened and why didn't this reach the national media? This was a bomb threat in all.
Well what happened played out like this; A Department of Homeland Security dog smelled what seemed like possibly gun powder or other bomb making chemicals on a Department of Homeland Security car. Unable to peice two and two together, they cost several people hours of work with no hint of saying sorry for our catastrof*ck.
In pointing out more DHS incompetence (Which I'm prone to do with needless government programs), the DHS let someone across the border with TB..........76 TIMES! When asked, they said that they had no way of knowing because they were provided with false inormation. WHAT!?! Isn't this why they were created?, to sift through the bullsh*t and keep us safe?
The truth about the DHS is just as I said, it is a fear mongering/war propaganda machine that remains fearless to barrage the American Populace with utter falsehoods to make us submit our freedoms and our finances for a police state, coupled with never ending wars to make the rich get richer and to keep the rest of us obedient. And the mass media is in on it!


Self Portrait

I'm learning Photoshop. Yes it's Saturday night, but I'm still fairly bored and I've found myself eager to learn anything that isn't within the confines of my worthless, and pointless job. Hopefully from here I'll learn more about taking this and making web pages from it.



Creations in Works, Please Be Patient

Like you know who I am.
So I'll tell you who I am.
I am a whisper, but I am still a voice.
I am weak, but I have great strength.
I am young despite accumulation of years.
I am bright, through years of making mistakes.
I am proudly a rusty cog in a large machine.
I am my own identity.
I am my own social status.